Five Little Speckled Frogs – A Rather Yucky Children’s Song?

The nursery rhyme Five Little Speckled Frogs is one of the more unique kids songs out there, but whether it’s in a good way or bad is something subjective and for you to decide. While it’s not a very popular children’s song, some parents do use it as a preschool song to teach their kids how to do math.

Why the Negative Comments?

Something important to note about this toddler song is that it seems to be attracting a fair bit of negative views and comments as well. And that’s perhaps because it comes off as a bit yucky for a preschool song.

This is because it talks about the frogs eating bugs and finding them tasty, something that may not go well with kids who are obviously afraid of bugs.

This is probably the reason YouTube videos based around this song have attracted a huge number of dislikes, although there are also people liking it too as it does seem to help their kids in some way.

Learning Math

As we just said, Five Little Speckled Frogs also tries to help kids learn math, especially subtraction. It tells that there were 5 frogs, and one of them jumped into the well to enjoy the nice, cool water.

This resulted in only 4 being left on the speckled log. Now, from this point, the poem keeps repeating itself.

However, the second time, we are left with only 3 frogs, as another one of them jumps into the well.
This continues until there are no frogs left on the speckled log, and all of them end up going inside the well.

Hand Motions

This WikiPedia article here lists some hand motions that can be used if someone is using this song for teaching their kid subtraction.

Finally, there are probably better kids songs out there that can be used to teach math to your little one, but if you opt for this one, the WikiPedia article may come in handy.

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