Know About the Founder and CEO of Star Infranet

The web design and IT industry in India are growing exponentially and the name of Anand Mishra CEO Star Infranet is well-known face in IT industry. He is one of the very few young entrepreneurs who has truly capitalized on the opportunity afforded by the rise of India as one of the countries embracing the digitalization of its services across all industries.

It took Anand Mishra no time to recognize his opportunity. When this IT transformation phase was still in infancy, he founded his own company named Star Infranet which offers online marketing strategies and web development to entrepreneurs. Despite his youth, Anand Mishra has quite a lot of experience under his belt though, as he started off quite young in the IT industry. At the young age of 17, Anand Mishra started working as a software programmer in a company and in no time at all, he had learned everything he had to and moved on to head a startup.

Afterward, he worked in many different travel companies where he realized the need for having an online presence and realized that the need of the hour is digitalization in business, without which a business cannot prosper. He also realized that there are not many such companies in India, which are offering such web-based solutions and decided to form his own company, Star Infranet in 2010. Anand Mishra’s journey with Star Infranet has crossed eight years now and his efforts have led his company to not only stand out as one of the best in the country but also be recognized globally.

Star Infranet offers a unique variety of services and also offers tailor-made marketing solutions to businesses to make it easy for the business to grow online. Not all business owners are well equipped on the technical knowledge side so Star Infranet removes the problem of having to learn these new concepts themselves by doing their work for them.

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