Traffic Light Song – An Easy Way to Teach Your Kid About Traffic Lights

Well, we understand you may not be keen to teach your kid about traffic lights just yet, but just think about it. It’s not that they need to or are going to start driving any time soon that you need to teach them about traffic lights; but it’s also about being able to know what each of the three different types of lights mean, so that the kids can keep themselves safe by not interpreting them in a wrong way.

What does the rhyme actually say?

Simply put, it just focuses on telling what do the three different traffic lights mean, and hence the title of the kids song. The first paragraph starts with a question to the red light about what does it say, followed by it answering that it means “stop.”

The second paragraph has the same thing being repeated with the yellow light, which says that it means to slow. Finally, it’s the green light’s time, which says to “go.”

There are many YouTube videos on this preschool song, which makes it way easier to understand everything that this nursery rhyme says in a clear way. At the end of these videos, we have the cars hurrying into a start and running in a speedy manner.

What do the kids learn?

When it comes to a nursery rhyme or toddler song, it’s important to try and figure out what does it try to teach your kid, or if it teaches anything at all. After all, you would obviously always want your kid to learn important things while having some fun through these children’s songs.

And when reading or watching YouTube videos based on Traffic Light song, you can teach your kids that it can be unsafe to try to get across the road when the green light is set on. Similarly, it would go a long way in teaching them that they must only get across the road when the red light has been set on.

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